MRV Mars Rover NASA can go sideways!

MRV Mars RoverMRV Mars Rover.

NASA has finally unveiled their unique vehicle that can perform some one-of-a-kind maneuvers. Why is this ride so different than others? Well,we’re talking about NASA here folks; the technology behind it is borrowed from concept astronaut rovers that were meant to be used on Mars.

MRV Mars Rover sideways!

The Modular Robotic Vehicle (MVR) is described as “a fully electric vehicle well-suited for busy urban environments” by  NASA’s Game Changing Development Program Office (that’s a real office, yes). However, this so called Mars Rover is much more than that. Thanks to its 4 independent wheels and its fly-by-wire driving system the MVR can drift and rotate a perfect turn radius of 0 degrees. Just watch how it’s done! MRV Mars Rover video below!