New El Camino SS is increasing the hype of the motorsport world!!!

New El CaminoNew El Camino SS is on its way with impeccable features to go right in line with other modern GM cars. Will it make it to production? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The brand new El Camino SS concept has made quite the fuzz in the motorsport world and the reason behind it is simple – who doesn’t want a 455 HP beast that drift the back end around pretty much like Shakira? This already famous ride is expected to feature a range of improvements that are new to the company, which will make it quite a competitive opponent.

Given the recent project that the company has undertaken and the amazing feedback on what they’ve been doing, it’s no wonder that the world in waiting for this new project’s arrival with great anticipation. Nevertheless, this is something that we shouldn’t take for granted and see it more as an open project than a definite one as many things are surely going to change at the end of it. However, that doesn’t mean that we can indulge in the specs that we know of and hope that we’ll see it hitting the streets.

New El Camino

New El Camino SS is increasing the hype of the motorsport world

New El Camino Engine and specs:

When the talks of the new El Camino leaked, it was said that this SS model will have the 360 HP 6.0-liter V8 LS engine under the hood. Though, there aren’t any official specs or fuel economy available, there are also rumors that it could have the 6.2-liter 455 HP engine that can currently be found in the 2016 Camaro SS. Which rumor you chose to believe in is totally your choice but, if we want to be sure of it, we just have to wait and see.

New El Camino Interior and exterior options:

The front grill will be redesigned, and we’ll most likely see advanced air intakes built into the front, as well as slight modifications to the rear bumpers. The styling will target performance enthusiast and modern consumers which is on point, if you ask me. In addition, it will feature 18-19 inch alloy rims but, the best part about this car is that Chevrolet will make other trims available ( Super Sport, Royal Knight, Black Knight).

When it comes to the New El Camino interior, we will see heated leather sits with automatic air conditioning, large integrated touch screen and a superb audio system. All the normal GM safety features are of course, a must.

New El CaminoNew El Camino Pricing and release date:

When it comes to when are we going to see the new El Camino and how much do we have to pay to get one, for now, we’ll just have to face facts that it’s going to be a mystery for some time. Though, rumor has Chevrolet’s 2016 new El Camino may even be pushed back to 2017 to increase the hype.  The standard trim is expected to cost around  $25k, while the limited edition models will start in the mid to $30k range. New El Camino video below!