Nitemare II 65′ Mustang, the fastest 1/8 mile on ice @2016 Merrill Ice Drags!

Nitemare II 65' Mustang

Check out the Nitemare II 65′ Mustang! This beast was the fastest 1/8 mile car at the Merrill Ice Drags 2016. It won against the blown alcohol dragster of Don Woller! The driver, Perry Redeker is a familiar face at the Merrill (Wisconsin) Ice Drags, and in fact, is a board member of the unique organization that’s contested 1/8-mile drag races on a frozen-over section of the Wisconsin River for more than 50 years. Redeker competes in the quickest and fastest class at Merrill, known as Outlaw, with the nitrous oxide-assisted first-generation Mustang coined Nitemare II.

Redeker’s machine, at somewhere in the vicinity of 125 mph and near the finish line traps, drove into a huge wheelstand reminiscent of those common in outlaw radial tire racing, stopping the clocks at 131 mph on the back tires and actually winning the race in the process.

While such a feat would be impossible with regular car tires on ice, the Merrill competitors use specially-designed, studded tires, and despite their fairly narrow width, are still able to provide an impressive level of traction for cars making horsepower in the several hundreds, as evidenced by Redeker’s low orbit flight. Check it out!