Off road hoverbike will allow Star Wars racing in your own backyard

Off road hoverbikeOff road hoverbike or the Aero-X is a futuristic hoverbike that costs around $5,000 now. In 2017 however, you’ll probably get it for about  $85,000. Thanks to Aerofex and their amazing invention we will probably be able to race in Star Wars style on our own by 2017. We expected for the commercial version of the bike to hit the market in 2016 and we’re also expecting a delivery in 2017.

What is really inspiring thought, when it comes to this off road hoverbike? Well, the motto is where you’re going, there are no roads. If that doesn’t sound futuristic than I don’t really know what does. The off road hoverbike can fly up to 10 feet off the ground at a speed of 45 mph. That’s right, this is unlike any kind of vehicle you’ve seen before. It’s an off-road vehicle that gets you off the ground quite literally as well.

Off road hoverbike will allow Star Wars racing in your own backyard

Off road hoverbikeIf you ask Aerofex, they’ll tell you that this off road hoverbike is an adaptable vehicle that you can use for various outdoor activities. You can use it for security purposes, agriculture, rescue and more. Leisure purposes aren’t excluded – you can’t help but have fun with this thing around!

What’s even more to it is that this off road hover board can accommodate two people. In addition, the users will learn how to operate it in a no time. This hoverboard responds to the user’s movements. In other words, it’s pretty similar to a motorcycle.

According to the company, the maintenance of the Aero-X bike is very reasonable as well. Moreover, it’s powered by a reliable rotary engine and it takes off or lands vertically. There is no need of runways of high forward speed. Check out the prototype in action!