Old-school sleeper BMW M60-powered Opel Kadett drifted to the bone!


Beware; there’s an Opel Kadett on the loose!

Imagine a situation where you’re all alone on a highway, driving wildly, hoping that there’s not a police patrol car anywhere around. That’s a very wild scenario and that that we encourage such a behavior, but as long as safety is concerned and there’s nobody on that open road, we’d go with the flow and this video is exactly that; this guy is drifting his pet on an empty open road.

He is going wild with his Opel Kadett that has something else under the hood- a BMW M60 engine! The ride is pretty insane as obviously, that engine is giving new life to that old-school Kadett. Enjoy!

This Driver Knows How To Drift!

Posted by Drifting – Tuning on Monday, October 5, 2015