Omega Concept Motorcycle by SBAY Motor Company!

Omega ConceptOmega Concept

When building a custom motorcycle, manufacturer SBAY Motor Company has only one rule, giving the rider a unique experience!

The Omega is the company’s third product and it’s the unconventional design that makes this bike a standout.

Built around the Harley Davidson V-Rod Revolution engine and mated to a 5 speed integrated gearbox, the bike can produce up to 125 Hp.

Omega Concept Motorcycle by SBAY Motor Company!

The custom motorcycle is held together by an unique, omega type frame, draped with carbon fiber bodywork.

According to SBAY, the Omega is “a bike that leaves aside what is ‘normal’ to focus on what matters most, the road”.

Check it out!

Omega Concept Omega Concept Omega ConceptOmega ConceptOmega ConceptOmega Concept