One wheel segway – The right way to have fun with one wheel only!

One wheel segwayOne wheel segway or as we commonly call it an Electric unicycle is a really fun and interesting means of transportation. The name itself is self-explanatory and while some may think it’s not really a big deal, others may find it more useful. After all, who needs two wheels when you can go about with only one?

So yes, this is not a hoverboard as it only has one wheel and that single wheel is usually between 12 inches and 6 inches ( in diameter!). Some, even feature massive 18 inches wheel.

Furthermore, it’s really easy to understand how the one wheel segway works. ¬†First, the user ought to step on two platform, on each side of the wheel. After that, the user can move the one wheel segway by simply shifting the weight forwards and backwards.

As I previously mentioned, there are many different types of one wheel segways. The small ones that have a 7 inch wheel can be used for a fun ride around the mall. In addition, there are those that have got their torque-y and powerful motors. With these ones you can commute to work or even do a bit of off-roading.

One wheel segway – The right way to have fun with one wheel only!

One wheel segwaySo, what’s the advantages of riding a one wheel segway over riding a hoverboard? The first one is pretty obvious once you get your hands on one. The fastest one wheel segway so far is the GotWay MSuper and it has a max speed of 22 mph. The fastest hoverboard, on the other hand has a max speed of 6.2 mph. Well, what else can u expect from a hoverboard with only 6.6″ wheels?

Another thing that the electric unicycle can do is go off-road. It has a bigger wheel and you can ride it on grass, dirt, gravel and pretty much any surface you can think of. A hoverboard can manage some rough terrains but, it is not match for the one wheel segway.

The last but not least advantage of riding an electric unicycle is it can go up stairs. As it features one big wheel it can overcome more obstacles.

However, there are some disadvantages as well. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it is extremely difficult to get used to the electric unicycle. It is a self-balancing means of transportation and even if it looks not-so-hard to adjust, it is. See what it is all about!