Plasti dip DIY: How to replicate an amazing carbon fiber look!

plasti dipplasti dip!

There are many ways to replicate a carbon fiber look and here is one way to do that only by using a Plasti Dip spray. This guy will take us through the process step-by-step and it actually comes out very cool. He didn’t have any spoilers or car parts on which he can demonstrate the carbon fiber look, so he is demonstrating on his iPad. You will only need Black, Gunmetal Gray, Silver Metalizer and Glossifier Plasti Dip cans and a rubber shelving liner.

plasti dip

After using the black spray, he is wrapping the rubber shelving liner around the iPad. You should wrap it around the surface nice and tight, or you won’t get nice results. Next, you’ll use the can of Gunmetal Gray Plasti-Dip to do the first layer. You shouldn’t overdo it, but you shouldn’t underdo it either. Right after doing this, he uses the Plasti-Dip Silver Metalizer and removes the carbon fiber pattern sheet. Using the Plasti-Dip Glossifier is actually the most important part for a perfect carbon fiber look.

Check out the video below and see how easy you can get a carbon fiber look on whatever you like! Enjoy!