Proper Motorcycle Passenger Riding Position

Some may not have realized it, but there is a right and a wrong way to ride on the back of a motorcycle.

Here’s the proper motorcycle passenger riding position:

Jokes aside here are some tips and video tutorial…

Tips for Being a Good Passenger

  • Be sure the rider is ready for you to get on the bike. Once on, sit still. A shift in your weight can drop the bike, especially at a stop.
  • Once riding, lean with the bike. Looking over the rider’s inside shoulder in a curve will nearly always provide the correct angle.
  • If you are to be the navigator, be sure to give directions soon enough that your rider has plenty of time to maneuver.
  • Pay attention to the rider’s physical signals. You can often predict and brace for a quick stop just by feeling the rider’s muscles tighten.
  • Communicate. If you need to stop, let the rider know.
  • Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) beginner course. Better yet, you and your rider should consider taking the course together. Many non-riders say they gained valuable knowledge in the rider course that made them better passengers.