Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags 2014!

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The Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags is an octane-boosting, heart-pumping drag race for stock muscle cars. It’s held every September at Mid-Michigan Motorplex and what makes this race different from the others in the world is that the drivers are allowed to make only limited modifications to their cars. With that, everyone can be assured that the Detroit muscle remains just like when it rolled off the assembly line.

Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags 2014!

So, you can imagine the result – many high-quality cars in one place, doing more than just sitting in a garage. This is definitely the place where vintage muscle car guys show what they have and what they can do with it. Some go to hold forth for their brand, some to test how much faster they can run their car, and some to wipe the competition of the face of the earth. It’s quite an interesting event and we’re sure that you’ll love to see what the stock versions of these beautiful muscles can do, so check it out!