Quad Turbo v12 engine!!! Made out of 2 Supra engines! WOW! 2×2=4JZ


There is a guy that created something unbelievable – he combined 2 Supra engines into one magical beast. 2JZ plus 2JZ plus four turbos is something that is called Quad Turbo V12 engine and yes, the reaction is WOW! This project is about splicing two Supra Twin Turbo engines together into a single crank operated Quad-Turbo V12 engine. It seems that there are 1JZ engines (not 2JZ), never mind let’s see some pictures taken during the creation of this magical beast.

As a first step of the production, you will need the bottoms of 2 Supra inline 6 cylinder engines and you are should do that to make the block for the beats. After doing that you should machine, weld and stress relieve the bottoms. Before welding, the crankcase has to be aligned bore for 120o  V angle. The engineer has purchased a custom crankshaft from Scat and SB Chevy main bearings. In the purchase list, Honda H-beam rods and Honda rod bearings are used as well. He bolted the cylinder block by using modified Toyota oil drain back holes and there are common ports at the center of this thing, and we suppose he placed the exhaust ports at the center as well just for the sake of fun. The result is the 300ci Turbocharged 5 liter engine that should generate 800HP!

This scientist is very coo, so as his creation! Check it out