Real life Need for Speed : ‘driverless’ BMW M3 drifting!

Real life Need for SpeedReal life Need for Speed – it was about time.

People have been customizing virtual cars and racing against each other, all over the world, after the new Need for Speed was released. But, why customizing a car virtually when you can choose a car from a video game and make a real life version of it?

Real life Need for Speed with Willian

Willian Borges da Silva, a star of Chelsea, takes his skills to the road with a BMW M3 that’s extremely militarism to an M3 featured in “Need for Speed”. However, he doesn’t sit behind the wheel. The heavily customized car was made to be driven with a controller. How cool is that?


Willian takes a Playstation 4 controller and starts drifting the car. He seems to be a true remote-control driver. Check it out!