This is What Happens When You Ride With No Gear And Crash!

When you ride, you need to ride with the right gear, the full gear, all the time. Yes, I know it’s a lot of hassle. But then, it’s really worth it. And if you don’t think so, you should really see this guy. At the time of the crash, this guy was riding in just shorts and running shoes.

Yes, he had a helmet, but that’s about all the gear he had on him. The crash wasn’t a major one. He just skid off the road on to a patch of grass. Had he been wearing proper gear, he probably wouldn’t have had gotten a bruise.

His naked riding adventures ended in some pretty nasty road rashes, peels, and wounds. And looking how he made a video of the injuries he suffered, I guess he learned his lesson. I hope he goes ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) from now on, and I hope the same from all my fellow biker brothers.