Robbie Nishida showes us around Daigo Saito’s Fat Five Racing!

robbie nishidaProfessional drifter Robbie Nishida showes us around Daigo Saito‘s Fat Five Racing! He shows us all the high horsepower projects that they’re currently working on. Fat Five Racing is located in the city of Saitama, Japan. This workshop belongs to one of the world’s most renowned drifters, D1 GP participant, Formula Drift and Formula D Asia Daigo Saito. And that makes it enough iconic and interesting. Did you know that Saito holds the distinction of being the first driver to win the two drifting majors, D1GP in 2008 and Formula D in 2012?

Robbie Nishida showes us around Daigo Saito’s Fat Five Racing!

The area is packed with numerous cars of different brands and models in a totally dissimilar condition. Some look like just descended from the conveyor, others look like the survivors of a nuclear war; Some cars still have a chance to move on their own, and some cars have become parts donors.

Daigo is known for fast entry speeds, insane angle, and the only guy drifting a Lamborghini Murcielago professionally. But to visit Saito’s garage, Fat Five Racing is something different, according to Robbie Nishida. If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect “man cave” looks like, this is exactly that! You can imagine it is drifter’s heaven.

In his office there is a display of every single trophy he has won and it’s also the place where his legendary Toyota JZX100 Chaser is housed. Daigo has become a sensation regarding the drift scene. Some critics say that Daigo Saito is the world’s greatest contemporary drifter – whether it’s in his Nissan GT-R in Formula D or Murcielago in D1 Grand Prix.

That’s why fellow professional drifter Robbie Nishida is honored to show us around this workshop where the magic happens. Check out Fat Five Racing and the projects that they’re currently working on!!