Robotic Friction Stir Welding Automation – Amazing Technology!

Robotic Friction Stir WeldingRobotic Friction Stir Welding

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state process by which high quality and high-strength welds in potentially difficult-to-weld alloys are possible. This cutting-edge technology is becoming an increasingly popular choice for manufacturing lightweight transportation structures such as automotive, aerospace, light rail and marine applications.

Robotic Friction Stir Welding Automation – Amazing Technology!

Quebec-based Innovation Partner CRIQ developed this FSW system to utilize the FANUC M-900iA robot to perform the welding process. FSW requires a large amount of down force to plunge at the start and maintain tool orientation, so heavy-duty tooling is required to hold the parts in position.

This innovative welding system from CRIQ combines the flexibility of a FANUC Robot with the multiple benefits of friction stir welding, including an improved work environment with protection from smoke and noxious gases, and energy efficiency.

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