Roger Feghali’s record-breaking run at Falougha Hill Climb!


Taking a corner is way more than just turning a wheel.  However, Roger Feghali not only turned his ride like a pro but, he also managed to turn the tables on his brother, Abdo. In the first and the second heat, Roger was second quickest to his brother. Everybody thought that Abdo is the one that’ll take away the victory but, his brother suddenly did something amazing. In the final run, Roger pulled off one of the most stunning performance ever while breaking the track record and taking the win with him.

Drifting around corners and even driving them on an uphill race track is quite demanding so, how does this legend make it looks easy as a pie? This is the full run where Falougha Hill was being dominated hard by Roger. No fluke! Oh, and yes, the sound is as good as the looks of the car so, you can crank your speakers up and enjoy!