Runaway tram runs over a motorcyclist during a biker parade!

Runaway tramRunaway tram crashes into a motorcyclist in a horrible accident.

If life gives you lemons, just be grateful that the sour taste is the only problem that you have to deal with because things could get a lot more cruel. For example we take these motorcyclist, who were just doing their thing and minding their own business, when all of a sudden something horrible happened.

Runaway tram runs over a motorcyclist during a biker parade

As they were happily riding their bikes, as a part of a parade, they got literally blindsides as a driver-less tram just “walked into’ the parade without any warning whatsoever. On its way, unfortunately, the tram took out several bikers who couldn’t have reacted in any way as, obviously, they had absolutely no time to do so.

A bystander caught the whole situation on camera and here is the footage. Reportedly, nobody got seriously injured – check it out!┬áRunaway tram video below!