Shameful road rage escalates to a deeply disturbing level!

Shameful road rageShameful road rage- this guy takes embarrassment on the road to a whole different level.

There are so many wrong things done and said in this video that it’s hardly even funny. Sure, there may be some parts that will make you laugh and things that you would consider doing but, not like this. I can’t even believe the point that this biker got to in order to right the wrong. A shameful road rage is not something you will ever be proud of.

Shameful road rage escalates to a deeply disturbing level

This biker saw a car driver that went a bit overboard with the speed. Consequently, he decided to follow the car and confront the driver. At first, he gave up on his mad idea but, unfortunately,he saw him again.  The biker couldn’t keep it to himself so he went off after him. That’s when the shameful road rage showed its face.

He should have taken down the plate number and alert the police and let them do their job. Nevertheless, he decided to be a jury, judge and an executioner all in one.  However, that’s the reason he uploads the video. The message that he wants to get across is to never do what he did.  Hitting someone, arguing and cursing obviously won’t get you anywhere. Don’t let the road rage get the best of you!

Check out the video – this is what a shameful road rage looks like!