Shockwave jet truck vs. Grave Digger drag race!

Shockwave jet truckShockwave jet truck vs. Grave Digger drag race! Well, we can’t say that this was a tight competition, considering the fact that one of the trucks here is jet-powered! Shockwave is the world’s fastest semi-truck. Believe it or not, it can outrun a Japanese bullet train, and we all know how fast those things are. This beast is powered by three Pratt&Whitney J34-48 jet engines, which were taken from the U.S. Navy, and it’s hitting speeds of 400 mph!

Shockwave jet truck vs. Grave Digger monster truck!

The Shockwave’s 4-tonne Peterbilt Semi is capable of producing 36.000 HP and covers a ¼ mile in just six-and-a-half seconds. The world record that Shockwave is holding for fastest jet-powered full-size truck is at 376 mph. Try outrunning that! In addition, this truck holds 190 gallons of fuel and burns “only” 180 per performance. Not very eco-friendly, but, meh, as long as there are only three of these out there… check out this drag race!