SKULLY AR-1! World’s smartest motorcycle helmet!

Smartest helmet "Skully"

Meet SKULLY AR-1! This is the smartest motorcycle helmet out there! The helmet for the digital generation!

Maybe the best thing about Skully is the ultra wide rear view camera, which helps you see everything much faster and clearer then looking in the side mirrors of your motorcycle.

It also has transparent heads up display, GPS maps, E tint visor, voice control, phone and music link, it shows the speed at which you’re moving, how much fuel you have, etc. And it’s rockin a good modern look, too!

The only issue for now is that you can ride up to 9 hours and then you have to recharge it, and maybe the price (it costs $1599)!

Check out the video and hear what some experts have to say about Skully AR-1 !!!