The Smallest Turbo In The World In Action!

Most of people are always opting for something big and loud in the car industry, however, sometimes even the little things make waves across it. Additionally, we’ve seen many examples which proved that bigger isn’t necessarily better. So, does the same thing apply when it comes to different types of engines?

Recently, building mini engines has become a hobby that has taken scaled creation to an extreme point. We’ve seen a lot of mini engines, many of them high-detailed that are quite mind-blowing. In fact, sometimes these scaled wonders could easily be confused with a real thing is it isn’t for perspective that allows us to differentiate.

But, even though we allow ourselves to be amused by mini-engines, we’ve never really thought of seeing what a mini turbo is all about. Thus, we’re starting off with the smallest turbo in the world which you can check out in the video above.