Sno Ped – The coolest Snowmobile you’ll ever see!!!

Sno PedSno Ped – the coolest-looking snowmobile we’ve ever encountered!
So what if summer is just around the corner? That definitely doesn’t mean that we can’t relic in the glory of all the winter-themed snowmobiles. As a matter of fact, winter will be back in full force before you know it and it’s surely good to be ready for it. You may not be but, Joey Ruiter definitely is.
Dubbed the Sno Ped, this design is inspired from his favorite winter apparel brands and crafted from composite aluminum.

Sno Ped – The coolest Snowmobile you’ll ever see

The Sno Ped features cafe bike race posture to keep mobility high and the center of gravity low as well as lightweight chassis. The body has a shape that’s similar to an internet modem and measures only 6-inches in width and 76-inches in length. To keep the rider cruising at respectable speed there is a 90cc motor and a Chrysler Sno-Runner Track to make sure that the ride is smooth. This is it!