Snow dirt bike riding – one of the coolest up-and-coming sports out there!

Snow dirt bikeSnow dirt bike isn’t something that you can use for snowmobiling and definitely not for motocross. The sport is actually called snow biking and it’s one of the coolest things we’ve seen done on snow. Snow dirt bikes aren’t exactly new to the world but. Nevertheless, we feel like their full potential is being mapped out.

The concept of a snow dirt bike isn’t rocket science. You just need to take a regular motocross bike ski and a snowmobile track. Slap a front ski instead of wheels and a snowmobile track and that’s it. Just like that, you’ve got your snow dirt bike that can tackle any snowy terrain. And who else will have something to do with a snow dirt bike if it isn’t for Ronnie Renner?

Snow dirt bike riding – one of the coolest up-and-coming sports out there!

Snow dirt bikeRonnie joins the snow bike pioneers Reagan Seig and Brock Hoyer in the Idaho backcountry. The reason for that is simple –  They are celebrating the Winter together and having some fun. As I already mentioned, you can’t take a regular bike to hit jumps and lay down carves at the top of a snowy mountain. That’s why the Ronnie and the guys took their snow dirt bikes up there while showing us what having some real fun actually means.

The down steep chutes are normally reserved for the bravest snowboarders and skier and that’s exactly where Ronnie and the other are taking the action with them. Long live the Winter! And while it may be fun to jump around and lay down carves it may be too extreme for us to try it out. That’s why we prefer to sit back and watch them doing their own thing.

Check out the video and see what a snow dirt bike is capable of doing – enjoy!