Snow drifting trikes are the new definition of fun!!!

Snow drifting trikesSnow drifting trikes ! Have you ever tried drifting a trike in snow? Chances are that most of us haven’t but, you don’t really have to try it to come to the obvious conclusion that this is one of the things that could be labeled as ‘ultimate fun’ , at least in this life. I haven’t tried it myself, though I surely wouldn’t miss that kind of opportunity. I may have seen Lamborghinis drift in snow, nevertheless if I am to choose i’ll probably pick the trikes. It just seems more exciting.

Snow drifting trikes are the new definition of fun

Bothering you with unnecessary chit chats about it isn’t really my intention so, I’ll just leave you to watch the video and enjoy it –¬†Snow drifting trikes. Three guys in their cool trikes are obviously having the time of their lives, drifting in the snow. The journey down the mountain is indeed an exciting one, as these little drift machines are being twisted. Pretty much anyone who has a pulse and is breathing should enjoy in such an adventure!¬†Snow drifting trikes video below!