Snow kayaking depicting the art of the extreme, winter sports

Snow kayakingSnow kayaking is one of the most popular adventure sports in Estonia. There, we can see many competitions and many participants as well that take place on custom-made downhill snow tracks. And while most people put up their kayaks for the winter, some decide to stick with their beloved toys and take them on snowy surfaces.

So, what do you get when you mix snowboarding, speed-riding, and kayaking? You get one of the most extreme winter sports – snow kayaking.
Miles Daisher, the person who devised this wicked sport, thinks that snow kayaking is just a short step from speed-racing and kayaking. Miles is also a member of the Red Bull Air Force Team and a well-known daredevil.

Snow kayaking depicting the art of the extreme, winter sports

Snow kayakingUsually, kayakers are the people that practice snow kayaking. But, that doesn’t mean that others, who likes to enjoy in the snow, don’t. Typically, snow kayaking is done in the backcountry and sometimes at ski areas and resorts.
Snow kayaking steadily increases in popularity and there are many videos that reflect this sport’s popularity. Those who practice this sport usually use creek-boats or playboats for the snow. Nevertheless, the choice depends on the style of snow kayaking. If you want to shred it, take a creek boat as a kayak. On the other hand, if you want to throw tricks around you ought to go for a playboat. At least, that’s what Miles Daisher says.

Participants in such events, as the one in the video below, don’t normally wear PDS as you can see. However, it is of great importance that they wear some kind of protective gear so, they use paddles and helments most frequently.

For those fo you who want to have some extreme fun in the snow, this is the right sport for you. Those, on the other hand, who preffer to stay home could just enjoy in seeing all the action here!