Make a snowball machine gun and own the snowball fights!

snowball machine gun

This dude right here has built a snowball machine gun and now he’s owning the snowball fights! 🙂 Like a boss! He got the idea to make this since all his nieces and nephews were beating him badly, so he decided to do something about it. He says his snowball machine gun can fire 13 snowballs in 0.5 seconds!!! Wow! I guess it’s a must have in any outnumbered uncles’ arsenal! 🙂

It was built by former NASA engineer and designer of the animated ugly Christmas sweater Mark Rober. He is also a famous youtuber now thanks to his numerous science and technology videos! The snowball machine gun is his latest invention. It flings snow-spheres at rates of up to 25 per second. But that’s not all! It also supports a clip system that makes it easy to make and load dozens or hundreds of snowballs ahead of time, and fire them off with just a three or four second break between barrages. All you need is some PVC and a leaf-blower to build your own version of this overkill device. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to make one yourself in the description link.

Check it out!