Spring powered boots will let you run as fast as a car!

Spring powered bootsSpring powered boots are shoes that can mimic ostrich’s gait and thus, let you travel at up to 40 km/h. The spring power boots have wide, springy gait that covers up to 5 meters (16ft) in just a single stride.

The one responsible for this marvelous invention is Keahi Seymour. As a kid Keahi loved ostriches. He was fascinated by these creature’s agility and effortless speed. After all, they are the fastest running birds on our planet. Now, he invented a prototype gadget that will allow us, humans to experience what it’s like to run like and ostrich. That means incredible speed without any particular effort.

Spring powered boots will let you run as fast as a car!

Spring powered bootsDubbed the “Bionic Boots, these bots have springs on the back that actually imitate theĀ Achilles tendon of a kangaroo or an ostrich. In this way, the spring powered boots give the runner more down-force. Mr. Seymour says that he has been working for several years on the spring powered boots and that he has produced many prototypes so far. The current form, however, can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h. Yes, you can reach that speed using your own two legs and the spring powered boots!

He demonstrated his creation at the Make Faire in New York and needless to say, many were fascinated by it. But, Mr. Seymour isn’t about fame – he is all about speed. He says that he won’t rest until he is capable of outrunning even the fastest land animals. Well, good luck with that Mr. Seymour.
Of course, this isn’t the first attempt of the gait of a kangaroo or an ostrich. There are the so-called bouncing boots that can turn anyone into a human kangaroo. That ought to be funny!

Check out the spring powered boots in the video below and see what they’re like in action!