Springless valvetrain – An invention that could potentially change the world

Springless ValvetrainSpringless valvetrain is not the usual valvetrain that we are all well-accustomed to. However, when it comes to using an engine that has the pushrod design, we need a proper valvetrain . That is if you want a smooth running experience, of course. Is there actually someone that doesn’t like that?

People have been using valve springs for years now, nevertheless, this time we have something a bit more different- a springless valvetrain. This is what combats some of the issues that valve springs usually bring about.

Springless valvetrain – An invention that could potentially change the world

Springless ValvetrainThis is just a valvetrain that had its valve covers removed. In the place of the valve springs, a series of 16 electronically-controlled solenoids are to take the cake.The sequence of readers on the timing cover and the probes as well as the digitally-timed electric solenoids completely operate the push shaft, rod and rocket-free valvetrain.

This video is not exactly that but, it is an awesome find.This springless valvetrain is alive thanks to the crew at Decuir Engine Technologies, California. They have developed a cam-operated, push rod-activated valvetrain to blow our minds.

Furthermore, the springless valvetrain absorbs all the power that would be lost if the valve springs were there. This new technology doesn’t do any harm but, we don’t expect it to take over the world anytime soon. Of course, it is more than welcomed 24/7 as it can improve classic muscle.

With the springless valvetrain, we relieve engine builders of worrying about spring pressure.In addition, the springless valvetrain also eliminates the possibility of spring breakage. Now, we don’t know if anyone would dare to use it in a real-time situation but, it seems pretty legit. Check it out!