Super ‘Cuda with Twin Turbo Viper V10 engine! 1000 HP!

1000 HP Super Cuda hitting above 200 MPH!

The Legendary Motorcar Company turned this classic 1970 Plymouth Barracuda into a Super ‘Cuda with a Twin Turbo Viper V10 engine that can produce over 1000 Hp! Let’s check out what this car can do on the track.

Just for a comparison they brought  a Ferrari Enzo. In a straight line drag it’s an easy win for the ‘Cuda, but when it came to a top speed race the Enzo took the win reaching 218 mp/h, despite the Cuda’s 208 mp/h.

Now, no doubt Ferrari Enzo is really quick, it’s a sports car and relatively new. Although for me, as a fan of classic American Muscle cars, SUPER CUDA > ferrari enzo. See what I did there? 😀

Check out the Super “Cuda on the track!!