Supercharged BMW E90 M3 taken for a ride by an appealing blonde!

Supercharged BMW E90 M3Supercharged BMW E90 M3 that’s fast and loud is enough. But why leave it alone when you can give it to a beautiful blonde that’s eager to sit behind the wheel?

Yes, folks, Bimmers and girls- you have to love the people at Vivid Racing. They have just released a new, tuning package that combines performance and aerodynamics for the M3. However, the 620 HP BMW here in the video, features a gorgeous blond and a supercharged kit.

Supercharged BMW E90 M3 is a loud beast

Moreover, it has a set of Lamborghini Verde Brembo brakes, a full Vorsteiner aerodynamics package,  a set of 20-inch Volk Racing wheels in a Toyo T1 rubbers. The sounds amazing and looks stunning but, when you think about so does the blonde. Enjoy the video!