Supra powered BMW E30 M3 doing burnouts!!!

Supra powered BMWSupra powered BMW! What’s crazier that a BMW E30 M3 drifting? The same car but with a 500 HP Toyota Supra engine under the hood. But, here we have something even better – Who says that only one BMW can be on the track?

Supra powered BMW with 500hp under the hood!

We see all sorts of swaps nowadays starting from crazy to unimaginably insane and while this is not that weird combination it sure is like a match made in heaven. This BMW is fitted with a┬áSupra engine and you’ll see what I’m talking about right here, in the video below. The car roars and whistles while showing what it really has so prepare yourself to see how this BMW goes sideways while leaving the tire-smoke behind, as well as the other of its kind.