Awesome Supra street drift and an epic burnout – Must see!!!

Supra street driftSupra street drift that’s as epic as the Gymkhana. Well, almost.
Let’s get things clear right from the beginning: the streets aren’t the best place to drift around with your ride! Nevertheless, there are people who still do it but, keep in mind that they are professionals. Moreover, these kind of events are highly safe due to the fact that there are no other cars and people on the streets.

Supra street drift is as loud and notorious as the Gymkhana

Back to the Supra street drift: this is one of the best actions that we’ve seen this week. Have I told you how much I love seeing a car go sideways while leaving tire smoke behind itself? Well, there’s plenty of that in this video. The focus in the footage is a Toyota Supra that has been totally upgraded. Now, it features all the race parts that it needs to run in high RPMs with no worries whatsoever. The only thing that will “suffer” in this situation is the asphalt that has to bear the power of the Supra. Rubber pieces flying around, smoke that blinds the ones behind it and awesome engine roar- what’s not to like? Enjoy the action and don’t take the comparison to Gymkhana seriously – it’s just that it reminds me of the kind of action depicted there- check it out!