The first ever AWD Dodge Challenger Concept!

AWD Dodge Challenger

The first ever AWD Dodge Challenger Concept! Some people put their RWD Challengers to winter sleep, but MOPAR have prepared an all-weather all wheel drive Challenger and Charger for the all-year-long MOPAR fun. They did it by pairing 4×4 system from a Police Charger with an 8-speed automatic gearbox from Chrysler 300. Wide body is slammed low, big brakes, stiffer chassis

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Classic vs Modern Comparison Test – If I Only Had Both!

Classic Inside Line decided to make comparison test between two equally beautiful yet different Challengers! The 2010 Dodge Challenger and the 1970 Hotchkis Challenger have the same name, same color and same styling but only 40 years difference between them! The Challengers were tested on several levels like Slalom, Skip Pad, Breaking Distance and Drag Sprint. Classic vs Modern Comparison

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