The most efficient engine -Meet the future of internal combustion engines

The Most Efficient engine

The most efficient engine is neither a diesel or a gasoline engine. As a matter of fact, it’s the combination of both and it is called the HCCI.

In the future we’ll all likely be driving electric cars. However, it the mean time we could do with what we have. Of course, what we do have doesn’t have to be hazardous for the environment while being highly-efficient. For that particular purpose, meet the HCCI, the most efficient engine in the world.

HCCI stands for Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition and is a technology that was developed by Nissan. Needless to say, there is a lot of theory about their innovative technology.

A gasoline engine creates a mixture of gas and air and ignites it with a high voltage arc. However, a typical cylinder compressor is low and it operates only at temperatures that are quite high. In addition, the exhaust emission contains a lot of chemical byproducts because of the reaction, a lot of NOx and other heavy pollutants. The poor fuel consumption of the gasoline engines just adds up to everything mentioned previously. They waste a lot of energy while their reaction can be said to be inefficient.

The most efficient engine -Meet the future of internal combustion engines

The most efficient engineOn the other hand, a diesel engine is better in better compression of the fuel. This makes for a better and efficient reaction. Though, we can’t say that it is Eco-friendly. The moment of ignition happens when fuel is injected in the already available air. This results in an explosion and the wave cannot efficiently burn all the injected fuel. The thermal loses may be lower but, the produced pollutant are higher.

So, the gasoline engine has poor consumption and the diesel one produces a lot of pollutant. What would the most efficient engine in the world be like?

The most efficient engine combines the diesel and the gasoline engine making the most of them. The gasoline mixture here is compressed much higher. In this way, there is no room for single point of an initial explosion. Thus, it avoids the disadvantages of both engines – it burns the fuel mixture much leaner. The engine is cooler and the emission of NOx is lower. It’s the perfect combination. The most efficient engine video below!