The Punisher biker club helped a bullied 7 year old girl!

The Punisher biker club helps a bullied 7 year old girl.

As in every great story, the person who is different isn’t quite the favorite in elementary or high school. Hence, Audrianna here, a 7 year old who loves to ride her dirt bike in her free time, was constantly getting bullied at school at Marshall Elementary in Toledo, OH. Now , being bullied is tough times and when her mother couldn’t really do anything about it by herself she though someone else could help.

The Punisher biker club helps a bullied 7 year old girl

So because, as said before, Audrianna is into bikes, her mother reached The Punisher biker club, a motorcycle group made up of EMS, military personnel and firefighters, to meet her. They instantly made a connection with the little girl and after putting a helmet on her head, they escorted her to school. The tough exterior doesn’t mean that they aren’t big softies!

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