Tokyo Drift Mustang – Why this Mustang from Tokyo Drift so unique?!?

Tokyo Drift MustangTokyo Drift Mustang!

When writers put different ideas on paper to serve their story, everything goes great. However, we’re talking about Tokyo Drift here which means that most of them had to become reality like a Ford Mustang that’s powered by a Nissan Skyline engine. For now, the “engine surgery” sounds pretty simple, you just put one engine in another car- how can that be difficult? Well, the Tokyo Drift Mustang and the engine were born in different periods; Mustangs, for the Tokyo Drift crew, had 6-cylinder configuration meaning that it is designed to accept that kind of a configuration. On the other hand, in the ’60s engines weren’t designed that way. The guys at the shop just had to be creative enough to figure it out so, now, the Mustang uses a single turbo system, specially designed. Consequently, the numbers change too; the car is light, fast and powerful.

Tokyo Drift Mustang!!!

It’s an extremely odd and unusually attractive build and the only reason for its existence is the Hollywood’s writer imagination. The real question here is, why didn’t we think of it first? 😛 Tokyo Drift Mustang video below!