Tokyo street drifting lifestyle in its true colors!!!

Tokyo street driftingTokyo street drifting lifestyle might be everything, except ordinary.

Drifting nowadays is a respectable motorsport discipline but, it wasn’t always seen that way. It all evolved from illegal street racing acts and like it or not, that is still thriving, more in some parts of the world that others. However, everything from drag, touge to drift and race is deeply connected to street racing because at one point, they had to make these kind of activities safe so, they had to slowly move them on the track.

Tokyo street drifting lifestyle

But, who’s to say that they shouldn’t be people who still stay true to the in-commensurable adrenaline rush? Exactly, there are still those who love to illegally speed with their chunks of metal on public streets and when it comes to the streets of Tokyo, we have something that you’d probably love to see. Thanks to Speedhunters that documented the lifestyle of these late-night drivers we can have a peak of what they do in Japan to keep the drifting culture alive.

According to these folks, the street drifting culture wouldn’t be the same if stop what they’re doing. The undertaken risks are high but, they think it’s worth it!