Toyo Tires Ferret is a wild vintage, six-wheeled monster!

Toyo Tires FerretToyo Tires Ferret is Bj Baldwin’s latest off-roader that’s a real vintage monster. After all, things always tend to get jumpy when this guy gets behind the wheel.

Manufacturers always look for new ways to create a show car for advertising their off-road tires. That’s definitely not an easy task and that’s why most of them end up with choosing something mainstream. Usually, manufacturers turn to a brightly-coloured, lifted truck and slap big tires and wheels to it. But, that’s just most of them. Some of them, on the contrary, have quite the overactive imagination. Such are the folks at Toyo Tires, who chose a crazy LS-powered 1959 Ferret with six wheels as their market vehicle.

Toyo Tires Ferret is a wild vintage, six-wheeled monster

Toyo Tires FerretAnd as always, if you want to make something that’s out of the ordinary, you’ll need some help. Thus, Toyo partnered with Action Vehicles Engineering and restomodded the Ferret into a monster. There aren’t many details available but, we do like what we see in the brief video. The Toyo Tires Ferret is an insane off-roader that has been thoroughly modernized. Power comes from a sick red-blooded LS V-8 powerhouse. In addition, they have replaced the cannon turret attachment with a grappling hook winch contraption.

Action Vehicle Engineering didn’t stop there. They have modified the chassis and fitted beefy King suspension bits. With this move, they have provided clearance for the large 39-inch Toyo Tires. The two tires mounted in the middle of the Toyo Tires Ferret are non-powered auxiliary tires. You can raise or lower them to add extra footprint on rough terrain.

And as the Toyo Tires Ferret is an exceptional rig, it deserves someone talented behind the wheel. Thus, it’s no wonder that the several-time world championship, BJ Baldwin, was chosen for it.