Toyota Supra engine exposed : Why is it so legendary?

Toyota Supra engineToyota Supra engine – why is it so special?

Up until now, the fasted 1/4 mile time that has been laid down is seen done by the Ferrari LaFerrari. The V12 hybrid powerplant, a 6.3-liter that goes up to 949HP is as cool as it sounds and it’s also priced at $1.5 million. That goes for 1HP= $1,500. But, what does a Toyota Supra engine has to do with anything? Now, when talking about buying horsepower that isn’t quite the greatest deal that there is. Luckily, there is another option that may be much faster and considerably cheaper. Yes, in some places in the world, a turbo Toyota Supra engine can be tuned with a stock short block, putting out more that 1000HP. The MK4 Supra.

We’re not saying that it doesn’t cost a lot but, it doesn’t even come close to $1.5 million. Now, here comes the question: How is this possible?! Well, meet the coolest Toyota Supra engine in the world – the 2JZ Toyota Supra engine.  A 3.0-liter inline-six, apparently designed by God himself. The tops of the pistons allow additional flow from a turbocharged thanks to a recession and the block is cast iron. DOHC setup and 4 valve per cylinder – fair enough.

Toyota Supra engine exposed : Why is it so legendary?

The well-known car came with GTE and GE versions of the 2JZ Toyota Supra engine with twin-turbo setup that could make the engine reach up to 321 HP without even touching the internals ( probably due to the 600HP that were originally intended from the factory). When it comes to 900+HP, ponying up is, of course, necessary and even then, it requires a ‘mere’ head swap. Of course, if we assume that the correct camshafts and valves are fitted. And no, we’re not talking about theories, this as you may know, has been done a lot and we’re amazed that even the stock short block doesn’t really have to change. The hardest parts of the engine are being left alone- is there anything better than that is these kind of cases? Rods, pistons and crankshaft can stay put and that’s always good news.

So, yes, the 2JZ Toyota Supra engine is definitely capable of handling 900HP and that’s the exact one that lies inside the Lexus GS 300 – the same unit that resided in the Supra. Lexus GS 300 powered by Toyota Supra engine video below!