Traction control off, Shelby Cobra GT500 out! :)

traction control offTraction control off, Shelby Cobra GT500 out! 🙂 Ok, it’s not that funny, but the good thing is, we can draw a lesson from this crash! The Shelby Cobra GT500 is a handful, with 662 horsepower on tap. Driving it with launch control and traction control on is hard enough, as we can see from the first launch of this GT500. The car dances around a little, before the computer brings it under control and the car gets traction.

Don’t switch traction control off just yet!

However, the driver of this Shelby decides that the second launch will be with no computer assistance, and he turns the launch control off. The results is a crash at the side of the road! So, as experts suggest, do not turn traction control off until you’re comfortable with the car. There are situations where you’re gonna need computer assistance, and that’s why you can switch that option on or off. But, don’t turn it off before you’re really comfortable with your car!