Triumph Triple Speed with 3 wheels – The leaning sport bike!

Triumph Triple SpeedTriumph Triple Speed that’s leaning unlike any of its kind.

This little mischievous creature is something that you’d probably want to hop on as soon as you seen. It probably makes you wonder who would though of something like this Triumph Triple Speed and why would that someone design something like that – that’s why it probably got Scottie’s attention. Well, this thing is build by Bryan Fuller, owner of Fuller Moto, who made his idea turn into reality by cooperating with OTC. Utilizing the latest line of motorcycle service tools of OTC, Fuller’s team converted a Triumph Triple Speed into a unique 3 wheeler with a perfect leaning performance.

Triumph Triple Speed with 3 wheels – The leaning sport bike!

Now why would they choose a Triumph Speed Triple? Well, they say that it’s because of its reputation as a top performing sport bike. By using patented technology from TreMoto, this bike is made to be handled like a traditional two-wheel sport bike, in terms of leaning, with the added stability of a 3-wheeler. In addition, this peculiar machine is agile and nimble – what more could you possibly want? – Check it out!