Underwater scooter – Fastest Underwater Scooter in the world!

underwater scooterUnderwater scooter that can reach unbelievable speeds!

Meet the SEABOB – the fastest underwater scooter in the world. This thing is for those water enthusiasts who have tried every other device that is out there. The reason is because this underwater scooter is deemed the fastest ever!

The SEABOB is simple to use and pretty much anyone can learn how to control it proficiently and safely. If you want to steer the device you need to simply shift your body weight. The SEABOB weights 35 kg and has a propulsive force of 680 newtons. It can go p to 15 km/h underwater and has 6 battery-operated speeds. On the surface, it can go up to 20 km/h and has the ability to stop immediately if you release the propulsion trigger.

This, of course, stands for the newest model. It predecessor weighted less and had fewer power levels and thus, it was slower.

Underwater scooter – Fastest Underwater Scooter in the world!

underwater scooter

The electric-drive mechanism of the device is actually and environmentally friendly technology. It features a high-torque drive unit with a 3-phrase sinus power management system. This is all controlled by a microprocessor. Power comes from lithium-manganese accumulators, which are highly-efficient.

Inside is a E-Jet power system that adjusts itself to the water displacement. Rotating impeller sucks the water in and forces it out in the jet channel. As a result to this, it develops a thrust that propels the device forward.

Via Piezo technology and Control grips, the pilot steers the underwater scooter. By squeezing the trigger the rider activates the drive mechanism. You can apply light pressure until you reach the desired speed. If you want to reduce speed, on the other hand, you need to press the red sensor. There are buttons that program diving depth and all additional parameters.

The battery on the underwater scooter lasts an hour – this is equivalent of a depth rating of 40 meters. The fastest underwater scooter costs  $11,455. If you want to try it out, let’s hope that you’ll win the lottery. Check it out!