Unsold new cars lay on vast parking lots for eternity!

Unsold new carsUnsold new cars that are destined to live the life without an owner.

Have you ever wondered where all the new cars that automakers haven’t sold go? Well, it appears that they ship them to locations where the automobiles just sit until they are no longer useful and drive-able; until they fall apart. Can you imagine how many graveyards like this exist around the globe? There are unsold new cars that were considered a great success, there are automobiles that weren’t but, despite their popularity, one just can’t imagine that all the cars that were produced in our little world haven been sold. Thus, it does make sense to claim that there are massive parking lots that contain such automobiles and that’s exactly what an article in Zero Hedge says. However, there are always those who beg to differ.

Unsold new cars lay on vast parking lots for eternity

One of those vast lots for unsold new cars in located in Sheerness, England and then, there’s one in Baltimore with more than  57,000 cars, all rotting in one location. It’s the ultimate nightmare for car enthusiasts. Now, you may ask yourself, why don’t they just lower the price tag on the vehicles so, they actually profit from the cars that they didn’t manage to sell? Well, it appears that automakers don’t want to sell their goodies at massive reduction in their prices just to get rid of them. If they do that by any chance, then hardly ever will they sell and expensive cars after people find out that they could just wait a couple of months or a year to get a brand new ride for themselves without having to spend tons of money on it. The situation that we’ve gotten into is quite a tricky one.

Namely, many of these unsold new cars parking lots are visible on Google Maps. Unsold new cars video below!