Urchfab drift rod : Built to be drifted!

urchfab drift rodUrchfab drift rod – for the art of building.

What’s fascinating about a vehicle that one has built scratch is that ride is pretty personal; you can see the personality of the builder in his masterpiece. The purpose of that particular build is for the owner to have fun in his own way and that’s something that’s always amazing.

Urchfab drift rod loves slaying tires

Such a case is the Urchfab. Matt Urch, the owner of this drift rod wanted to build something that nobody else thought of.  That’s how he took a 1953 Ford Anglia Hot Rod and put a Saab B204 turbocharged engine in it. The engine is mounted to a Vauxhall gearbox and it can handle about 400 HP and maybe some more. There’s a bumper bar to the rear to give shape at the back in addition to 4 link kit for the Volvo 240 rear axle.

Epic combination and tons of awesome fabrication work for nothing but good old tire-slaying fun! That’s how you go from hot rod to rat rod for the drift rod. Enjoy!