VeilSide RX7 for sale – as Fast and Furious as it gets!

VeilSide RX7 for sale

VeilSide RX7 for sale – something that F&F fans will find hard to resist. For those who aren’t much in kits, VeilSide’s line of Fortune is actually quite serious. Thus, when it comes to this particular Mazda RX7, every body panel is replaced with a VeilSilde kit, expect for the roof.  Thanks to these amazing kits, the Mazda made a good car to feature in probably the most famous franchise ever. To be more precise, this was RX7 driven by Han in the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It’s the right color and everything!

VeilSide RX7 for sale – as original as it gets!

VeilSide RX7 for saleVeilSide RX7 for sale! The most expensive kit that VeilSide can offer to anyone is the kit for the Mazda RX7 and it comes in at about $15,000. In addition, a replica of this car is for sale and it could be found in Belgium where the owner is asking $47,500 (€35,000) for it. All the detail can be seen in the VeilSide RX7 for sale video below so, check it out! Enjoy