Vision Next 100 BMW car concept – The self driving car!!!

Vision Next 100 BMWVision Next 100 BMW is the concept car that the marketer unveiled when the company celebrated its 100th birthday in Munich. Marking the occasion is one thing but, believe me on this one, this is one of the most crazy BMW’s concept car that has been ever conceived.

So, yeah, it appears that the future of cars is actually upon us sooner than we think. Or are we just getting older pretty fast? Whatever the case, looking at such an awesome concept car from BMW could, for a moment, heal some wound from living in this age. But, let’s go back on the car.

Vision Next 100 BMW car concept – the BMW of the future

Squint your eyes and you’ll still see a ride that obviously a Vision Next 100 BMW, for example, that iconic ‘kidney’ grille. However, if you go into details and you probably will, you’ll witness thousands of visions of distant future. The windshield is an augment reality display- the entire part of it! Nevertheless, despite its perfect bits and pieces, this car is now know for it driverless capabilities. As you may have already guess this Vision Next 100 BMW is an autonomous ride, a self-driving, robotic machine that just fulfills the transportation capabilities of a regular car. Enjoy the view folks! Vision Next 100 BMW video below: