Volkswagen Hippie Van type 2 concept set to arrive 2020!


The all new electric Volkswagen Hippie Van type 2 concept is set to arrive around 2020! Bring on the modern hippies because we have some new stuff here for them! The VW hippie van is set for a comeback and it intends to blow us all away. Now, when we said modern hippies, we meant it, because this ride is going electric according to Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser (VW board member). But we can also call it the hipster van now 🙂

Volkswagen Hippie Van type 2 concept set to arrive 2020!

The production of the beloved VW camper van halted in 2013 because it didn’t manage to meet the modification to the safety standards in Brazil. Yes, the van failed to meet these standards but it was definitely a successful project. Not many people can say that they haven’t heard of the VW camper, let alone say that they don’t like it.

The van is supposed to have its batteries hidden under the floor and when it comes to design, details from the original are more than welcome, according to Dr. Neusser. Hop in for a ride around the world everyone!



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