VR38DETT powered Nissan 240SX burning rubber with Francesco Conti!

VR38DETT powered NissanVR38DETT powered Nissan  is nothing that we’ve already haven’t seen. However put Francesco Conti behing the wheel of it and think of the 800 ponies being produced. Now, put all of them on track and imagine the drift action. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine anything.

VR38DETT powered Nissan destroying the tires

The mighty Nissan is in action and it sure speaks loudly about itself. It screams in each turn its entering and so do the white smoke and the huge clouds. What’s more to the car is that it’s actually communicating with the driver perfectly. After every turn the Nissan is sliding the steering wheel and always moves its tires into the right course. Enjoy the action!