Walker ‘s Supra from Fast and Furious was sold for $200,000!

Paul WalkerPaul Walker  in the 2001 “The Fast and Furious” drove a really cool ride- this anything-but-ordinary Supra. The reason behind the epithet is obvious and the numbers are here too. A fourth- generation Supra that is second-hand can be picked up for  £3k or so, this one was sold at auction for $200,000. After all, it a car that actually kicked of the well-known franchise.

Walker ‘s Supra sold for  $200,000

This particular example was used in the final race scene in the movie- the one that jumps a railroad crossing while racing against a Charger with Vin Diesel behind the wheel. Just one of the 58 stunt cars build by Eddie Paul and one of the several Supras used in the movie. Given the fact that this is a stunt ride it gets stuff like heavy duty suspension, a strengthened fuel tank, a set of competition seats and a full roll cage. There are some gauges inside too as well as huge rear wing and that noticeable wide body kit.

So, what’s under the hood of this thing? It’s a 220 bph classic straight-six Toyota with a 5-speed gearbox. Yes, just a far cry from the monster that we saw in the movie. Guess that the fact that it appeared in the movie and that it was driven by no other that the legendary Paul Walker makes this the bargain of the century.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker







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