What is Horsepower & How Horsepower Works

What is Horsepower??

Chances are you’ve heard about horsepower. Just about every car ad on TV mentions it, and people talking about their cars on daily basis.¬†But what is horsepower, and what does the horsepower rating mean in terms of performance?

What is Horsepower & How Horsepower Works?!

Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power. There are many different standards and types of horsepower. The term was adopted in the late 18th century by Scottish engineer James Watt to compare the output of steam engines with the power of draft horses. It was later expanded to include the output power of other types of piston engines, as well as turbines, electric motors and other machinery.

The exact definition of one horsepower is 33,000 lb.ft./minute. Put another way, if you were to lift 33,000 pounds one foot over a period of one minute, you would have been working at the rate of one horsepower. James Watt discovered this while working with ponies lifting coal at a coal mine, and he wanted to talk about the power available from one of these animals.

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